Monday, 2 January 2012

U(rgh)GG's vs MUKS


The love/hate relationship this nation has with UGG’s I believe is stronger than that with Marmite. You have young girls swearing by them in all weathers (UGG’s paired with mini skirts on a hot summers day is a sight for sore eyes) & fashionistas spitting venom when walking past a bearer.
Me, I find myself somewhat in-between, not because I like them in any other way but for the sheer comfort, but I tend to quite loudly voice my opinion about the to me naff, out sized, outdated & aesthetically tedious poor excuse of a boot.
I particularly hate how they quickly become crippled with huge creases at the heels, not to mention the slipper-like quality of the boot that encourages a slap-slap walk, with the foot supporting (and slipping over the sole) the boot rather than the other way around. This is also damaging to your feet.
UGG boots too are a perfect example of the sartorial disaster that happens when you decide to dress for comfort!
Now, if you for some reason must wear UGG’s then please stick to the real thing and avoid cheap knock-off’s, they will damage your foot even worse than the real ones, foot experts call it the “UGG shuffle”; the loop sided walk i previously mentioned.
Another even more important reason to get the real deal is the recent headlines of how they source the fur for the fake UGG boots; farmed in horrific conditions in China, the Raccoon dog is a species related to the domestic dog. Animal rights activists recently released a video showing sickening scenes of them being skinned alive on a Chinese fur farm. And unlike cat or dog fur, which cannot be sold in Britain, there is no ban.
While the genuine boots made by UGG Australia use only sheepskin produced in a humane way, there is no such guarantee with the lookalikes. 
The Raccoon
So now i suppose you know how i feel about UGG boots, I guess you would never think I ever owned a pair... Well, i did. Let me explain.
It all happened last winter, a very cold and blistery one if you can remember (not making excuses), I was trying to hold out for as long as possible wearing my little gold French Sole ballerinas for as long as possible when rushing to and from work. My feet were ice cold and painfully shoved into my 6 inch Louboutins when i reached work and same procedure as i left in the evening.
However, December was fast approaching, and with it more sleet and snow, I just couldn’t do it no more. I swallowed my pride, went to Selfridges & purchased a black pair of calf high UGG boots, the most discreet ones available.
I cannot even begin to describe in words the feeling when after a long day in my 6 inch heels, I slipped my feet in to my UGG’s, coming close would be like walking on clouds, i’m sure I could even hear the ‘Hallelujah’ cords sounding in my ears.
But as I was doing so I also felt an immense guilt, such a hypocrite, I hung my head in shame each and every time I walked out my door with them.
I had to justify my crime to fashion, so i went and got some higher heels to work in.
Even the prettiest girls struggle in these,  how will us mere mortals do it?
Spring came, and as soon as the ice and snow started melting away I threw my UGG’s and my brief wintry love story with them away.
I would never wear a pair again. No matter how comfortable.
But what now?? Winter is yet again upon us with rumours it is to be the harshest one yet, i’m also off to spend December to February in New York which is always colder than London, so whats a girl to do?? I just can not strut around in my heels, not even my trusted fur-lined Yves Saint Laurent 6” booties (although I will give it a good honest try).
Like my fellow Swede Britt Ekland once said:
“ I know it is incredibly impractical to suggest high heels for walking through the snowy wintry streets of Stockholm, New York and London. Trying to negotiate snow with ice underneath is lethal, i know.
So, go for boots with a wedge heel and non-slip soles. They will give you a bit of a lift.”
I believe she was unconsciously talking about Mukluks. They must be the answer!
Although once having been hailed by fashion as the “new UGGs” they never really took off.
Kate looks so much better in these
Traditionally worn for hunting in the snow, Canadian Aboriginals have been enjoying the warmth and comfort of Mukluks for hundreds of years. Unlike UGG boots who originates from surfers in Australia (what do they know about cold?).
Mukluks have since then evolved into a range of stylish footwear with every pair individually handcrafted to the highest quality. 
The materials used in a Mukluk boot is always natural skin and fur drawing their inspiration from theses native Canadian tribes, these are environmentally friendly, but if you want to go a step further, they also come in faux fur.
Jaime Cooke founded Muks in 2003 when demand for her unique and stylish Mukluk boots caused a stir, handmade with beautiful individual beaded styles and fur options.
Kate Moss was officially the first Mukluk customer, since then the likes of Kate Hudson, Elle McPherson, Beyonce & Jennifer Lopez to name but a few have joined in.
The price for a pair of original Mukluks come in at a slightly higher price than UGG boots, around about £300 and up but for that you get beautiful individual styles and shapes.
If you want to have a look for yourself they are sold in Harrods in London, or you can always visit the on line.
Loved by fashionistas all over the world and soon to be loved by me, I think Muks really are the “new UGG”, at least for me.
...and i reckon they'll make my thighs look smaller ;)


  1. I tried to post a comment on your post earlier today but unfortunately I don't think it sent. I wanted to thank you for this post and the thorough information you provided. I've been wanting a pair of Uggs until today. I don't want to support a company that is cruel to animals. Thank you for bringing me into the light! :-)

    I'm loving reading your blog so far and I can't wait to see your future posts.

  2. Hi,

    Thank you for your comment Angela,
    I might have been unclear, but it is the fake UGG's that use the fur from raccoons and is cruel to animals, UGG Australia is not cruel to animals in any way. So you have to make sure if buying, that you buy the real UGG.

    What I have against UGGs is the way that you get a loop sided walk and how people mistakenly is trying to make it a fashion statement when it really is an ugly boot (in my opinion).
    They are oh so comfy though, so I do understand if you wanted to get a pair :)
    Let me know if you do and what you think!