Saturday, 24 January 2015

Girls night out

Heading out for a girlie catchup and a couple of glasses of red the other night, I wanted to be comfortable yet stylish.
Luckily enough I had received a skirt from Poca and Poca the same day as a surprise in my office, so there was no doubt about what I was going to wear!

The fabric of the skirt is close to neoprene which volumises it naturally and makes it bellow beautifully. The cut is so comfortable and easy to wear.
With it I teamed my trusted vintage leather corset that I picked up in Lily Allens (now closed) 'Lucy in Disguise' vintage boutique. It fits as if it was handmade just for me.
I carried my lipgloss in my Lulu Guiness Lips clutch which matched perfectly the quirkiness of my Sophia Webster heels with bright cartoon like flowers spread across the toes. My absolute favourite from her SS15 collection.

I accessorised simply with my small Hublot and yellow sunflower earrings as well as my delicate Tiffany necklace.


Monday, 12 January 2015

Specs appeal

have always loved to accessorise my look with glasses. From geeky oversized black frames to delicate secretary peek-over-the-rim glasses kind of look, you know, who at any minute will untie her hair and take off her glasses in a corny movie kind of way and all of a sudden transform from Ugly Betty to Adriana Lima. You get the gist.

My latest mission has been to find a pair of pilot shaped glasses with a 
gold rim. After a couple of months of hapless searching I gave up and decided to have a pair made instead. I popped to the nearest optician with a old pair of Raybans and had them change the lenses to clear glass. And voilĂ ! Couple of days later and they were ready.

I dressed my outfit around the glasses (as you do) and opted for my cream trouser/skirt from Reiss with my dust pink and gold Giuseppe Zanotti gladiator heels peeking out underneath. The top is a cream satin slip from Gucci's spring collection. I covered my shoulders with a gold thread knitted shawl and added my rose gold accessories from Hublot & Balu Joias.

Mission Complete.

Friday, 9 January 2015

Louboutin birthday tribute

So the other day was one of my all time favourite designers birthday. Namely Mr Louboutin. It is rumoured that he doesn't even know his own birthday (too much sniffing of the red sole?) so I decided to pay my own little tribute by wearing some from my own collection that day.

Mixing high street with high fashion is so easy nowadays with the likes 
of Zara, Topshop and River Island creating competitive quality and designs. For work I wore this dark olive green pencil skirt (Zara) with a gold zip running along the leg. I am in love with this length on pencil skirts, so demure.
I teamed it with a simple crisp white chiffon shirt and a long rose gold necklace. The star of the show was of course my Louboutin Madame Butterfly heels in leopard printed pony skin. 

The wedge and open toe makes them super comfortable to wear and the print enhances any outfit. 
With so many fierce competitors on the shoe market nowadays, I have to admit that Louboutin has slid down my list and many of my investments are gathering dust in my shoe compartment. 
But as much as they are seen here, there and everywhere nowadays, Louboutin will always have special place in my heart ever since I bought my first pair in 2006. 
There is just something about that magic red sole that no one can replicate (although that was a good try Saint Laurent, good try ;))...

Joyeux anniversaire Monsieur Louboutin ❤️

Tuesday, 6 January 2015

Spring in my step

With Christmas and NYE out of the way I just want things back to normal. Too many red days in the calendar has me restless and I can't wait for new season, new beginnings and...cough shoes.
Spring/summer collections are my absolute favourite as everything becomes lighter, more colourful and that little bit happier. So even though we are only just in January, I don't really mind pretending we are embarking on spring!
Getting dressed for work yesterday with the sun glaring through the windows I opted for my new Sophia Webster Lilico Jungle heels with a flower bed spread across the toes.

The heels are cartoon like with the electric coloured flowers almost looking like made out of play-doe and complimented perfectly in their craziness by a dainty stripy heel and monochrome leopard grazing the back of the foot. J'Adore!!!

Not to make the look too crazy, I was going to work after all, I teamed the shoes with a pleated pleather
midi skirt (mouthful!), a fitted white shirt and a knit thrown over the shoulders for a casual preppy look. 
Bag of choice as per usual; my trusted taupe Birkin. Works with everything.

Spring- I'm ready for you.

Monday, 5 January 2015

Fur Monsters

So I have a dilemma.
Well not so much a dilemma as a moral standpoint that clashes with my passion for fashion and my shameful love for the luxurious and grand things in life. Such as fur.
I have been wearing fur since my very first PhilippPlein leatherjacket which had a lovely soft and plush fox trimming and a less charming gold plate writing stating "Plein" across the whole of the lower part of the jacket (I was young and fabulously tacky) My eyes had opened up to Philipp Plein and all the gorgeous designs that were being sold to hefty prices in Londons Knightsbridge.

The man himself. Still love his designs, just no longer share his love for fur.
But didn't Ms Campbell on the right once vow she would rather go naked than wear fur..? Guess she managed to do both.
Soon enough I had acquired a gorgeous reddish brown long haired fox fur jacket from Sandro as well as a short black mink overcoat from Joseph. I was in love and happily refused to think about the circumstances or indeed suffering that more than likely had been exposed to the animals in question.

My love for animals is widely known, my 3 cats are a huge part of my life and I also work with charities involving animals. I suffer greatly with mistreated animals of any kind up to the point of blocking posts of animals being abused in any way on facebook even though posted to bring attention to the matter. I just cannot face seeing it, the anger and pain that builds up inside of me is hard to describe.
How I feel about fur now. Little too late though as i'm fully clad in fur earmuffs and gilet.
But still, somehow, have I been endorsing and enriching the fur industry for years and years. My final fur (gifted) before I moved to warmer degrees was another Philipp Plein jacket that had a huge vest stitched on to the leather with a ridiculously over sized hood, made entirely out of raccoons. Many friends have jokingly asked if I ever consider the raccoons that paid with their lives to make make me look fabulous, but Iv'e just shrugged it off saying jokingly that their life is surely better now than when they were rummaging around in bins. Absolutely disgusting I know. Besides, they probably didn't even have a chance to rummage around in bins as they were more likely grown up on a farm solely dedicated for the fashion business.

Me & my raccoons

I am ashamed and embarrassed to have ever been so ignorant to other living and breathing beings for the sake of us, human beings, to look good and even opulent. In the distant past, wearing fur might have been necessary for people living in frigid climates, but today it is unjustifiable. We can now buy coats made of synthetic fibre to keep us warm and fashionable, but animals only have their own fur coats to survive freezing winter temperatures, that's if they even survive after it has been ripped off. Every fur coat, trinket, or piece of fur trim is callously ripped off the bodies of horribly abused animals, making huge profits for the fur industry. 

Instead of posting pics of suffering animals, i'll post one of some very non suffering animals.
My babies.

I am not going to post any pictures of suffering animals as i simply can't face it. The reality is that all animals used for fur endure horrific lives and brutal deaths, whether on large scale fur factory farms, where 85% of the fur sold for the fashion industry comes from or trapped and killed in the wild.  Throughout the world between 50-100 million mink, foxes, Bobcats, chinchillas, coyotes, beavers, Lynx and other animals plus an astonishing one billion or more rabbits are killed every year for their fur. 

I honestly have no idea as to what has made me change my mind after so many years, perhaps growing up, or becoming less ignorant. Or both.

I faced the ultimate test only the other day when I was casually window shopping and happened to spot the very jumper i had been after for ages; a fluffy knitted fur jumper in creamy white. In my mind I have this look of the jumper tied in the waist by a thin belt with a midi skirt. To die for. Literally.

Oh Milly, why can't you at least be ethical

Inside of Milly, which was the store harboring this beautiful piece, the sales associate was extremely excited to tell me that the fur indeed was real, lots of small little white rabbits had been made in to a jumper. Perhaps she was trying to justify the price. My mood sank. I walked away frantically searching the internet to see if Milly by any chance was dealing with only ethically sourced fur, but to no avail. My search shall continue.

I don't believe it is ever too late to change your ways, accept what was, and move on to better judgement. So please think twice next time you see a beautiful fur piece and imagine it as it should be, a living, breathing, feeling animal.

I'll just leave this here.

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Dreaming of Ibiza

I think everyone living in Dubai can agree, that when we have a visitor in town, we all take them to Blue Marlin.
There is just something about the space, ambience and magnificent sunsets that probably only Ibiza can compete with.

Pondering dessert

For the delicious brunch with my friends I choose to wear my new kaftan from Rock Chick Couture, a fabulous designer based here in Dubai. Under it I wore a simple white bikini and ripped jeans shorts.

Posing is a must or you won't be let in. Promise.

Loving accessorising I go all out whenever I can. 
To glimmer in the afternoon sunshine I added some temporary gold tattoos to my arms from Flash Tattoos and some very long gold earrings that reach down my chest.

Flash gold tattoos

Shoes of choice was Greymer from the SS14 collection. I instantly fell in love with the bright white leather contrasting the gold painted raffia wedged heel. As if made for beach parties!

Greymer SS14

To break up the blue green palette I opted for my orange Birkin which had been hiding in my closet for way too long.

Told you the sunsets are epic...

Ibiza I'm coming for you...

Sunday, 28 December 2014


I am now going to have a good old rant about certain things I would expect to see in society, yet after so many years of etiquette, and everyone supposedly knowing right from wrong (at least according to their Instagram quotes); I rarely see.

Manners are an age-old condition of the civilised mind, in order to have a system of behaviour which prevents human contact from sliding in to chaos. It's common sense really, but as we know, that, is not common.
Good manners, to me, is the sort that is about inner grace, it has nothing to do with where you put your soup spoons or whether you say "toilet" or "ladies room". Real manners are about considering other people. Certain formalities exists to smooth the path and give us guidelines, but at the end of the day the matter is very simple; well-mannered people are never rude to others, or hurtful, and never do anything that makes other people feel awkward or small.

She blatantly did that on purpose.

One occasion springs to mind where I was at a party in a very hot location, and a male guest had got the dress code wrong and turned up in turtleneck sweater (in that severe heat!) when everyone else was in suits. He was welcomed in by his host and introduced all around after which the host disappeared. Some ten minutes later the host reappeared- wearing a turtleneck sweater. 

Now thats what I call real manners,the host wanted immediately to make the guest feel at home. And I suppose to sum that up; hospitality is about making your guest feel at home, even if you wish they actually were.

My mothers actual doormat.
Bit more straight talking.

So while saying "please" and "thank you" all matters up to a point, true manners, really graceful behaviour, means never being unkind, never doing or saying anything to make anyone else feel small. It involves putting others at ease all the time and considering their feelings.
This I feel has come to me with age and experience, it is something I constantly work on for myself and will continue to do for the rest of my life as I am far from perfect (my sarcasm is just too prevalent at times ;) ).
Buddhism helps as I feel it is the religion that enforces these manners as it's purpose is to help others and by doing so to cease to become selfish and to move on the way towards enlightenment. God is no longer in the centre, but instead your own actions towards yourself and others.

I could so do this as orange is totally my colour.

I am not much for what sometimes passes for manners in so-called sophisticated and socially elevated circles. I observe regularly at apparent smart dinners and parties the kind of rudeness I feel ashamed for. It isn't in my view, decent behaviour to blank people to whom you have been introduced several times but whom you deem to be somehow uninteresting or beneath you.
I remember being on holiday with a group of people and found myself always staying behind apologising for the rudeness and obnoxiousness of the group to the waiters, as they had clipped their fingers, shouted at them and treated them like they were way beneath them. In my view, when behaving in such a way; they are beneath the waiters.

Now, when it comes to punctuality, I often hear that I am always early, when I am actually just on time. It seems to have become an accepted norm to be late in our rushed lives.
Being late implies to me that the other persons time is of less value than your own. For meetings and in one's social life, I think it's important to turn up when you said you would, most particularly when it is a formal dinner and precise numbers matter. I did however turn up an hour late to meet a few friends one night in New York recently. And believe in me, the look on my friend's face made me never want to do it again. I felt utterly disrespectful and ashamed that they had been sitting there waiting for me (yes, Esdra, if you read this, I'm sorry, again).

Unless its one of these excuses, I don't want to hear about it.

For all the above, or rather the lack thereof, I do much blame the greedy celeb culture, where people will disrespect and abuse anyone to make themselves look better and feel better. Manners and politeness has long gone out of the window.
Society needs to face up to this disintegration of society in some quarters. We need to stamp out the insecure society that feeds off corruption and wealth and put greed back in it's box.
Today like every other day 30,000 children around the globe have died from lack of clean water, food and medicines. A sense of perspective and a global outlook of those not as fortunate as ourselves needs to be understood to temper human weaknesses. We need to be taking care of our elderly relatives (and this is coming from a Swede!) We need to concentrate on getting to know our neighbours. We need to wind down demands for more money and more material goods (a new pair of shoes here and there though, is totally ok...;) ) Understandably this isn't easy when our TV's, newspapers, glossy magazines and the Internet are filled with the urging to get rich quickly through short cuts such appearing and acting out of control in reality TV-shows, the X-Factor and the other hundred shows and brands. We greedily seek acceptance and love from a society that is so totally shallow and obsessed with wealth and exterior. So much that we often forget what really matters in life.

I say nothing.

To sum up, living in a society where money and status rules I do feel that we ought to put more weight on how we treat each other. Where the cleaner is worthy the conversation as much as the director.

Peace out x